Sue Alfawiki


When you walk in to this pre-school you wonder, "Why does it feel so good in here?  What is it about this little place that makes me not want to leave?  Is it the teachers, the activities, the materials, the art work, the little enthusiastic learners?"  Then you realize it's at least all of that.  It's one place where a parent can actually leave their children knowing that they are 100% cared for in every way.

The teachers at Mountain View are positive and enthusiastic, as well as skilled academic instructors and social role models.  Every child is made to feel special, talented, loved, and unique.  The teachers have an incredible mix of nurturance and yet hold the kids accountable for the choices they make. They do an excellent job of guiding the kids through problem-solving their own situations and facilitating peer interactions.  My son learned how to see another person's point of view and how to have fun without making everything competitive.  My daughter learned how to express herself in front of others and feel comfortable in a group.

With high expectations that help each of their little pre-schoolers grow in whatever ways they need, the Mountain View teachers know how to make children want to learn. They teach concepts the children don't even realize they are learning!  Years later parents still long for the kind of teachers their kids had at Mountain View. 

Sheena Johnston


I want to tell you how amazed I am with my daughters preschool year at Mountain View.

We had heard of your program a few years ago, that it was a warm and loving school, where the children were able to participate 5 mornings a week in an academic program. At the time I felt that my child needed to play and create more than be concerned about academics. Also, I felt that a 5 day a week program was too intense for a four year old.

We participated in play-based programs in the community which were fine, but due to a series of events found ourselves considering your preschool. At the time I was encouraged to consider the program for the love and attention the children received. However, even as I registered my daughter I had doubts and reservations as to whether or not I was pushing my child and even losing time with her at such a young age. I distinctly remember my conversation with Teacher Debbie regarding the 5 day schedule. I needed confirmation that my child did not have to attend all the days if she rather stay home and cuddle or play. Without hesitation the answer was that my child's needs came first, and if there was a fear or hesitation that my child was dealing with, the teachers would work with me to see that my child was comfortable and happy to spend her time at Mountain View preschool.

With that bit of ease tucked in my pocket, I watched my four year old enter her first day of school at Mountain View. I watched with delight as she brought home her art and creations. I watched with amazement as she recited her songs, prayers and learnings of artists, dinosaurs and space. And I watched with a happy heart as she ran, skipped and flew off to preschool each day without hesitation. Each and every day without hesitation.

I am so very happy. Thank you for loving her and seeing her potential. Thank you for helping me to see her abilities at such a young age. Abilities that I may never have known her to have because she would not have had the opportunity to experience them. Thank you for the joy you give us both.

Sherrilyn Thomas


The experience at Mountain View preschool is most likely going to be the best experience my children will have in their journey through school.

The teachers cared deeply about helping to shape the character of my children. They were very committed to excellence with high standards and in creating a positive experience from start to finish. Each teacher was so contagious and consistent with positive attitudes in a really bright and fun environment while encouraging the children no matter where they are in their development.

Both of my children were well equipped for kindergarten and often were able to lead by example because of their experiences at Mountain View. I found the transition from two days to five days no problem, in fact I feel it far better prepared them for full time kindergarten. I was surprised to find that fatigue was not an issue! Both of my kids were so excited to go every day.

There truly is nothing else like Mountain View, it will be one of the best decisions you could make for your child! Thank you so much Teacher Deb, Jenn, and Eleanor.

Angie Lubinich


Hi Debbie

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed coming back to the school to see this years Christmas performance. I came home and raved about it all over again to my husband and kids. I look back at my daughter's experience at Mountain View and it was truly exceptional. You and your staff created such a warm environment for my daughter to really grow both personally and academically. She gained such confidence, that her transition to Kindergarten was seamless. Your school truly has an amazing impact on our kids and the community. Thank you for everything you do.