Reading And Printing

At Mountain View Preschool we are proud of our heritage as facilitators and teachers of confident readers. Our program combines two approaches to early childhood literacy.

The first approach is Whole Language Learning, which recognizes words as whole pieces of language. In the same way children learn to speak by listening to others speak; they often develop a literary base through exposure to written words. At Mountain View we seek to provide a rich literary environment, maximizing each child’s exposure to whole language development.

Phonics is a complimentary approach to whole language learning, teaching children to associate letters with their phonetic values. That might sound complex, but it’s really not! It’s as easy to understand as a well-written story. Associating letter sounds and shapes with fun memory hooks is what makes the Fun Family Phonics program so successful!

Fun Family Phonics

Fun Family Phonics is a pre-reading program created by Mountain View Preschool founder Muriel Endersby, and is used in pre-schools and Kindergartens throughout North America. Embedded in each Fun Family Phonics story and song are fun memory hooks for each alphabet sound and shape.

Lower Case Letters

Every Monday your child will hear a story from Fun Family Phonics Book 1 which will teach them the name and sound of a new letter. During free playtime, each child circulates through a printing table where a teacher helps them practice the new letter. They will bring home their printing sheet so that you can follow along with their progress.

Upper Case Letters

Having your child for five days a week gives us the opportunity to offer an additional step in letter recognition and printing. Each Wednesday your child will review the letter they learned the previous Monday and will hear a story from Fun Family Phonics Book 1A, which teaches the corresponding upper case letter.

Word Building

By the end of October students have enough letters under their belt to start forming words! Using the letters they have learned, they will be engaged in interactive games and activities, blending together sounds and building words. The more letters they learn, the more words they will build. Your child will look forward to Mondays and Wednesdays, and you can look forward to hearing every parent’s dream words… “I can read!”