Music And Movement

Pop quiz... in the alphabet, which letter follows p?

If you're like most 21st century English speaking adults, you probably just sung yourself a quick snippet from The Alphabet Song to get your answer.

That 1780's Mozart tune is imprinted in our brains! And it's not just us singing, Today Mozart's tune is a standard for learning the French and German alphabets too! Many other countries put their alphabets and characters to music as well... but why?

Music helps us remember!

Music and movement also helps to engage and activate little brains, which is why at Mountain View we have a song, poem or dance for almost everything we learn. Our day is packed with music!

We are proud to use music, songs and rhythms written specifically for our Mountain View curriculum, as well as music from outside sources such as Wind and Tide, Fun Family Phonics, Fun With Composers and yes... Mozart!