Guidance And Discipline

Goals of Guidance and Discipline.

Our goal is to help each child build self-control, respect for others and self-confidence.

Most guidance is given through encouragement of positive behaviors and the intentional teaching of social skills.

If a child needs additional guidance in the form of behavior correction, we follow a 3 R process...

Correcting Negative Behaviors.

Remind: “Max, Sarah does not want her castle knocked down. Look at her face. She feels sad. How can you fix this problem” (say sorry and offer to help re-build)

Redirect: “Max, I see that you have knocked down Sarah’s castle again. I can’t let you wreck what your friend is building. We will have to find another spot to play.”

Remove: “Max, when you throw playdough at William it makes him sad and it shows me that your body is not in control. Let’s go chat on the *stairs until your body is under control.”

*The stairs are on the periphery of the room but facing the action. The teacher will remain with Max and help him verbalize what needs to happen before a return to play. i.e. “Why are you sitting on the stairs?” “What is an appropriate way to play with the playdough?” “What’s an appropriate way to get William’s attention?” “What can you do to make William feel better?”

Parent Notification of Negative Behaviours

Most negative behaviors are resolved within class time and do not require additional communication between parent and teacher. Parent notification will happen if a child’s negative behavior is re-occuring or involves physical aggression.