Free Play

“It is paradoxical that many educators and parents still differentiate between a time for learning and a time for play without seeing the vital connection between them.” - Leo Buscaglia

Well it’s no paradox for us Leo! Play is learning, learning is play, and free play time is serious business for kids!

Our large collection of toys, games, puzzles and activities will keep your child engaged and stimulated throughout free play time.

Toys, puzzles and learning stations are changed on a daily basis to complement and extend the daily curriculum and monthly themes.

Our Free Play time is designed to give each child a sense of autonomy as they freely move between toys and project stations. While the children have freedom to move from spot to spot, they will be encouraged to remain in one place until they achieve a sense of task completion. Our teachers are gifted at helping children extend play and complete tasks while maintaining the sense of excitement which initially drew the child to that spot.

Cool toys and a rich, fun learning environment is important, but social development is the driving factor of each and every Free Play time. One of the most meaningful compliments we receive as staff is that our school has a warm and inclusive feeling where children are comfortable to play with everyone in the group. That feeling doesn’t happen by accident! It’s the basis of our school philosophy. Our staff are constantly on the move helping children initiate play, grow friendships, facilitate problem solving and instill a group sense of comfort and connection.

Kids learn social, emotional and academic skills through play. It’s their business! So when you ask your child ‘what did you do at school today?’ and they answer ‘I just played’, that is a GOOD thing.