First Circle

‘Do you know what time it is? …. Circle Time!!!’

The sight and sound of 20 eager and enthusiastic little bodies responding to that call is such a motivating way to start every day!

Our group learning times follow the principle that the expectation of how long a child can remain still and focused should be equal to the years they’ve been alive. Although our circle times are longer than 4-5 minutes, we do have those little bodies up and moving, singing and participating at 5 minute intervals throughout the entire circle time.

Each circle begins with a high energy song, dance or game to get our hearts pumping and brains buzzing. After our warm-up, our friend of the week leads the class through the calendar time.

Calendar time is followed by the introduction of the days curriculum content. At Mountain View we are proud to offer a rich and engaging curriculum which follows monthly themes. Each lesson is carefully prepared to deliver rich and age appropriate information with time for conversation, questions and interactive learning.

After the main lesson is complete, the teacher will present the art activity, play areas and project station that will be available during free play. Each child chooses the place that they would like to begin.

Activities and toys that build on and enrich the days lesson are pre-planned and set up around the classroom.

Once everyone has chosen where they would like to start, it’s off to free play!