Jan 11, 2012

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Hello Mountain View Families

This is an exciting moment for me. I am laying down my first blog entry ever. Sadly in the last few years I've been left behind in the technology dust. Technology is changing as fast as my kids are growing. Both leave with me with the same time-warp feeling... 'what do you mean Justin Bieber is your favorite singer?! I distinctly remember telling you that Larry the Cucumber would always be your favorite singer.'

In 2003 I was employed by my sister, Rachel Cram to put together the video announcement DVD's that would be played at Wind and Tide party days. These video's were intended to keep families up to date on coming events and monthly themes. I was chosen for this job because 9 short years ago I was considered the tech wiz of our family. I could download and burn a wicked CD mix, I could use my adobe Photoshop to filter out wrinkles, and I loosely knew what RAM was. I was a hot tech commodity. What happened?! I sat down for like 5 seconds, that's what happened. What do you mean Justin Bieber is being followed by 5 million tweeters?? A. What is a tweeter, and B. why on earth are they not following Larry? It's all so confusing. So when my tech-savvy web designer told me that a blog is a good way to generate web traffic I asked him what that meant. After about 2 months of careful explanation, I still don't get it but he assures me it's a good thing, and I trust him, so here I am. I'll aim to make my blogs informative with helpful links to kid and parent related stuff. Here is my first link for those of you who have not yet found a good musical idol for your Pre-Schooler. It won't hold them forever, but it's a good ride while it lasts. Enjoy! The Dance of the Cucumber

Is Your After Baby Weight a Bad Thing?

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Hello Mountain View Moms.

Just read this article and loved it!
Losing the Baby Weight

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