Art And Creative Development

Art gives children opportunities for creative expression... But is it really worth the mess? You bet it is! Here are a few reasons why creative development is a big focus at Mountain View.

Open-ended art stimulates both sides of a child’s brain. It helps to develop hand eye coordination, small motor control and spatial perception.

Open-ended art projects provide children with excellent opportunities for problem solving, creative thinking, reflection and emotional processing.

Open-ended art lets your child sit in the drivers seat and helps them develop independence and autonomy.

Open-ended art is FUN!

Open-ended art opportunities are available on a daily basis at Mountain View. Our ‘free art table’ is stocked with a variety of rotating art mediums like crayons, pens, scissors and paper. We also provide weekly art opportunities such as painting and sculpture. Our teachers enjoy and are skilled at drawing out the creative thought process that drives each amazing work of art!

Art History

Our Art History program will expose your child to famous artists and art styles. At the beginning of each month your child will be introduced to a famous artist. Throughout the month they will hear cool stories about the life and times of that artist, learn their styles and methods and re-produce their famous works of art. We are privileged to use the Wind and Tide ‘All About Art’ curriculum music CD. This CD contains songs highlighting nine artists. The songs provide an excellent feel for the personality and style of each artist and reinforce art concepts and terminology.

Monthly artists include Claude Monet, George Seurat, Leonardo da Vinci, Emily Carr, Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Georgia O’Keefe and Wassily Kandinsky.