Preschool is a bridge between life at home and the big school world.

At Mountain View it's our privilege to provide a warm family environment where kids develop a love for learning and school life.

Our [Bridge to K] Jr Kindergarten Programs balance free play with interactive curriculum. taught by loving teachers in an inclusive atmosphere. We also offer extended hours for working families with our [Bridge 2 Plus] Program.

...But what if one year at Mountain View just isn't enough? Well don't worry! We are proud to offer After School Programs designed around the same philosophy as our Preschool. We want children to love learning, so learning should be enjoyable!

Whether they are a preschool alumni or registering with us for the first time, our after school programs will provide your child with valuable skills, education and fun!


We believe that all children are created with intrinsic value and unique potential. We also recognize that each child’s social, emotional and academic potential is built on the foundation they receive in their pre-school years. It is our goal to provide a strong and well rounded foundation for each child.

At Mountain View we provide a warm and loving environment where your child will receive individual attention for optimum growth in all areas. At the same time we believe that these years are vital for developing a sense of group belonging. We will encourage each child to discover a sense of their own importance and potential while at the same time teaching them to recognize the same importance and potential of everyone in the group.

We seek to develop and promote Christian values and attitudes. We would like the children to develop a love for God and His creation and a caring attitude towards each other. We want each child to experience the joy and simplicity of helping others and develop a life long desire to positively impact their local and global community.